The Sands Family tradition goes way back to 1846 before the town of Silver Lake was even created. The early settlers of the Sands family came from Cork County Ireland and began building the farming tradition right away. Each generation of Sands has carried on the tradition and taken the family name in new directions, continually expanding their reputation.


In 1977 the Sands Family built their first of the Hog barn expansions and began exploring the market in producing high quality pork. Steve is one of 11 children raised by Carl and Edythe Sands and now has seven of his own! As the family grew up and pursued their individual endeavors, several of the boys returned to invest in the farm and keep the tradition alive. The hog operation expanded and today they raise around 30,000 hogs a year for market.

STEVE (Pork Commander)

The Boss. Steve Sands has always been a creative character and if he knows how to do anything its cook a hog! His talent for barbecue and his passion for farming came together to form a great idea. Home raised pork, processed, and bought back to cook on the street corner. This delicious family raised, pen to plate, barbecue tradition has become Big Boss BBQ. The Pork Commander is always ready to serve a good meal.


Over the years the operation has seen is share of ups and downs and re-branding but the Boss is Bigger than ever today and brings many years of savory barbecue experience to the street corner. You can catch Steve with family and friends serving the BEST BBQ in the mid-west ever Saturday in Warsaw, In. Big Boss now has a signature line of BBQ sauces and merchandise available for public purchase as well as established vendor options for local businesses. Big Boss is more than a name, its more than a brand, its a family tradition and the Pork Commander’s dream! So stop in, get involved and for goodness sake try some of the BBQ sauce (you’ll wish you did sooner).