Spirited or Sensual? Which flavor fits you?  Spirited is our tongue wagging, lip smack’n, sauce with some heat.  If that doesn’t quite fit what you are looking for, maybe you are more of a Sensual type.  Our Sensual BBQ sauce is sure to have that sweet, luscious taste that will leave you craving more and more!

  • You will be singing to the angels! TONGUE wagging.. lip smack’n.. wake those frick’n taste buds up with a KICK ...hallelujah!

  • Mind blowing sauce ..Lay it on me BOSS .. sweet , luscious ..craving more & more ,..O’MY

  • Custom Label BBQ Sauce

    Create your own label for advertising or for a client.  Choose either Spirited or Sensual BBQ Sauce, submit a 5"x2" picture and we will have your custom designed sauce sent to your door.  Available in 6, 12 and 24 packs.  Discount available on reorder.
    "We have given over 70 bottles of Big Boss BBQ's terrific BBQ sauces (with our company logo on each one) to prospective new clients around the Midwest. They have all told us how much they appreciated this unique "calling card" and many have reported back later about how good the product is too. Another terrific INDIANA made product!" --- Bruce Kidd, Sr. Vice President, Walker Information
  • Hot Sauce


    Add some heat to your meat with Big Boss Hot Sauce!  This sauce has flavor and heat that will definitely light a fire under anything you pour it on.

  • This is the perfect way to kick off your tailgate with the BBQ Tailgate Party Pack! It includes both Sensual and Spirited BBQ Sauces.

  • Our Big Boss Gift Box is the perfect gift and also a great way for you to try all of our different sauces!  Includes our Sensual BBQ Sauce, Spirited BBQ Sauce and Hot Sauce.


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