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Saturday Sweetness!

Big Boss BBQ is a family-run street corner Barbecue restaurant attraction located in Warsaw Indiana. Folks come from all over the country to try our squealing good eatin’!.

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Go Pig Or Go Home!


Every Saturday Big Boss is whipping up some of the best pork you’ve ever tasted!  Steve “The Boss” Sands and the Indiana Grown recognized Sands Farms Inc, provide the ultimate barbecue pork experience. Get hooked up with some of the Boss’s “Big Boss Sauce“, hang out at the Saturday street corner, or simply check out the other sweet barbecue deals! We’re glad to have you around. 

Street Corner

Come out and see the Steve & Barney in person every Saturday for family fun and good eatin’.

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Have a large event and love our pork products? We do catering for local businesses and events.

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Big Boss Sauce

Savory blend of barbeque sauces whipped up by the boss himself. Pick one up today!

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Street Corner

The Saturday Street Corner is where all the magic happens. Watch the Pork Commander take control of the grill for some savory barbecue pork action. The atmosphere is alive and comical as the Steve and the Hog Janitor banter back and forth as you wait for the best barbecue you’ve ever tasted. If you’ve been here before you know it’s something you don’t want to miss!

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Locally sourced Pork

Best Barbeque In Warsaw, Indiana

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Big Boss BBQ is proud to bring your fresh locally sourced ingredients from local farms. In fact, supporting Big Boss also supports our family farm, Sands Farms Inc; where all of our pork is home raised. Sands farms is one of the oldest farming families in the state of Indiana and is a large supplier of pork local vendors and meat markets. Our Big Boss sauce is one of kind made by the “Boss” himself and all ingredients are from local markets as well. We care about supporting local farmers and communities.

  • Locally Sourced

  • Home Grown

  • Supporting Farmers

To all my new followers and long-time customers of Big Boss BBQ, Thank you for what you do. Couldn’t have done it without ya’ll!

Steve Sands


We’re not trying to brag but our original Big Boss Sauce, might be the best BBQ Pork Sauce on the planet! Grab your bottle today.

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Let’s Get To Eatin’

Where can you find The Boss?

Steve “The Boss” Sands and the crew will be in the Marsh parking lot every Saturday from 10am-2pm cooking up some of the best pork you’ve ever known!

Time: 10am-2pm
Location: Marsh Parking Lot
Address: 400 S Buffalo St Warsaw, IN