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Big Boss BBQ is a family-run street corner Barbecue restaurant attraction located in Warsaw, Indiana. Folks come from all over the country to try our squealing good-eatin’!

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Good Eatin’

Big Boss BBQ provides a variety of amazing barbecue services. Catering, custom-labeled big boss sauce, merch, and more!

Street Corner

Come out and see Steve “The Boss” Sands, Barney, and the crew in person every Saturday for family fun and good eatin’.

Farm to Table

Pen To plate fixings from one of the oldest and largest farming families in the state of Indiana. Read the Big Boss Story.

Go Pig Or Go Home!



Every Saturday Big Boss is whipping up some of the best pork you’ve ever tasted!  Steve “The Boss” Sands and the Indiana Grown recognized Sands Farms Inc, provide the ultimate barbecue pork experience. Get hooked up with some of the Boss’s “Big Boss Sauce“, hang out at the Saturday street corner, or simply check out the other sweet barbecue deals! We’re glad to have you around.

  • Quality Barbecue Like You’ve Never Tasted Before

  • Top Notch Service With A Grin And A Laugh

  • 100% Unique Barbecue Pork Experience!

Steve “The Boss” Sands

Family Owned Since 1995

What We Do At Big Boss

street corner barbecue

Street Corner Barbecue

Pen To Plate Street Corner Barbecue Experience.

Barbecue sauce

Big Boss Sauce

Our Proprietary Blend Of Squealin’ Good Sauces.

Corporate Event Catering

Boost Your Next Corporate Event With Excellent Catering.

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What’s Big Boss BBQ Cookin’ Up?

Check out our full menu of savory barbecue meats and sides. Now that’s something to ‘snout’ about!

Best Barbeque In Indiana

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Big Boss BBQ is proud to bring your fresh locally sourced ingredients from local farms. In fact, supporting Big Boss also supports our family farm, Sands Farms Inc; where all of our pork is home raised. Sands Farms is one of the oldest farming families in the state of Indiana and is a large supplier of pork to local vendors and meat markets.

Locally Sourced

All ingredients are from local markets in our community.


Our Big Boss sauce is one of a kind made by the “Boss” himself.

Supporting Farmers

We care about supporting local farmers and communities.

Serving Street Corner
Deliciousness Since


Best Catering Services

Something For Everyone

While our pork and barbecue selection is hands-down the best you’ve ever had… we also offer a variety of other grilled specialities. Locally sourced chicken breast, beef burger and a spread of delicious sides ensures there is a little something for everyone. Pick up a juicy smakeral of whatever suits your taste buds.

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Now It’s your Turn

Where can you find The Boss?

Steve “The Boss” Sands and the crew will be in the Marsh parking lot every Saturday from 10 am-2 pm cooking up some of the best pork you’ve ever devoured!

Time: 10 am-2 pm
Location: Marsh Parking Lot
Address: 400 S Buffalo St Warsaw, IN