Who Is Big Boss?

Educating America On The Importance Of Farmers

Steve and Barney are dedicated to their craft, there is no doubt about it. But what many don’t know is that Big Boss Barbecue is a Pen To Plate Model. Meaning we actually raise the animals we cook to ensure quality and that one-of-a-kind homegrown taste you can’t get anywhere else. But why is this so special?

The Sands family is actually one of the oldest farming families in Indiana with their original homestead going back over 170 years. For almost two centuries the Sands family has helped provide local Hoosiers with food; carrying on the traditional of American farming. Today they operate one of the largest farming operations in the state and are doing what they can to raise awareness about farming.

most of the nation’s food production comes from just 2% of the population. Farmers are just like the sands family. We invite you to come out and get a taste of 170 years of American tradition and learn why farming is so important to our modern society.

Steven “The Boss” Sands

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Where can you find The Boss?

Steve “The Boss” Sands and the crew will be in the Marsh parking lot every Saturday from 10 am-2 pm cooking up some of the best pork you’ve ever devoured!

Time: 10 am-2 pm
Location: Marsh Parking Lot
Address: 400 S Buffalo St Warsaw, IN